Connecting  just like in sports it is essential to winning in sales of Commercial & Luxury Homes are sought after by the same high net worth individuals. Polobroker focuses on a broader spectrum of terrain rather than a particular niche, in a particular area, and one state. His clients are not confined by state lines, nor are his expertise.


Realtors® use the Multiple Listing Service for accurate information, and compensation due to the buyer’s agent. Unlike consumer websites that covers the entire state, MLS is hyperlocal and covers only the state and area where a Realtor® is licensed. Polobroker eliminates this limitation by listing properties across all states MLS.

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Polobroker has a team of agents across all 4 states, and international that will assist in any matters or concerns on behalf of his clients. 

$10M+ #TodoLujo

The way to keep the level of service at its peak is by focusing all efforts on a particular price point.

He's not #1 but his clients come 1st!

The goal is to shorten the amount of days on the market for properties over $10 Million. Making sure every luxury agent within these states and beyond can bring their clients, and get compensated. This is putting the clients first by ensuring the exposure outside the state on professional platforms beyond consumer syndication platforms.

44,000 Members with properties over $10M in NYC, Westchester County, and The Hamptons.

52,000 Members with properties in Miami-Dade County

12,000 Members with properties in Greenwich, CT

18,000 Members with properties in Bergen County, Alpine, Saddle River over $10M

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